X-ray Medical Imaging Systems produced by high-technology corporation ADANI conquers the Middle East

9 March 2021 / Array

In February 2021, ADANI successfully implemented a new project in Egypt. The mobile diagnostic clinic SСREENEXPRESS, designed to conduct screening examinations of women for the early diagnosis of oncological and non-oncological diseases of the reproductive system, was successfully put into operation in Cairo.

ADANI screenexpress

The ADANI team, headed by the Director of Business Development Dr. Antonis Joseph, demonstrated to the medical authorities utmost capabilities of the equipment, introduced them to the life support systems of the mobile complex and, in particular, to the digital mammography system MAMMOSCAN. Egyptian specialists - radiologist, mammologist, gynecologist, - highly appreciated the functionality of the ADANI equipment.

ADANI screenexpress

Medical branch is one of the priorities for ADANI. Today more than 250 ADANI mobile clinics have been commissioned in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. In the near future, ADANI plans to continue working on joint projects for the supply of multipurpose vehicle-based medical solutions.

ADANI screenexpress

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